November 2017

2017 New York Terror Attack Linked to Diversity Immigrant Visa Program

Sayfullo Saipov was one of 50K immigrants to enter the U.S. on the Green Card Lottery before he killed in the name of the Islamic State. Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL chats with author Lea Carpenter about her new book "Eleven Days," and about war, violence, and terror from a uniquely female perspective.

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Sir Sidney Poitier talks about the Queen, the Oscar, and the Presidential Medal of Honor in "The Measure of a Man."

Sir Sidney Poitier talks with Charlatan Magazine about his Ambassadorship to Japan, being the first African-American to receive an Academy Award for Best Actor concurrent with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and picking up the Presidential Medal of Honor along the way in his new memoir, The Measure of a Man.

White House National Security Advisor Victor Cha discusses North Korea: Past and Future

North Korea's nuclear ambitions are one of the biggest threats to international peace and security. Charlatan Magazine talks with White House National Security Advisor VICTOR CHA about the Hermit Kingdom's nuclear escalation, the 21 ballistic missiles launched in 2016, and the imminent threat of a Second Korean War.
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White House National Security Advisor Victor Cha discusses North Korea: Past and Future

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US Congressman Barney Frank Retires with Gay Rights Legacy

Retiring United States Congressman Barney Frank paces himself through 32 years on Capitol Hill showing an emotive surge in the final days of an illustrious career dedicated to the Gay Rights Movement. Editor-in-Chief DREW GOWING visits the political icon in Washington DC to discuss his legacy and last days on the Hill.

Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard on Denmark’s Clean Energy Revolution

Denmark’s Extreme Green Makeover declares independence from foreign oil by 2050. Nearly half of their electricity is already generated by turbines, and this seafaring people are demonstrating how eliminating crude will provide economic strength and environmental relevance to a sovereign power. Charlatan Magazine sits down with Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard at Christiansborg Palace.
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Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard on Denmark’s Clean Energy Revolution

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Secretary of State Sir Andrew Mitchell says 60M are Asylum Shopping the EU

Sixty million people are currently looking for a country to call home. Considered the largest migration in recorded history, contributor MATTHEW FLACKS chats with Her Majesty’s Fmr. Secretary of State for International Development Sir Andrew Mitchell about Germany’s ‘Open Door’ policy, terrorists posing as refugees, and why the massacrers in Paris and Brussels are blurring the lines between immigration and the axis of evil.

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Newsweek's Middle East Bureau Chief releases her 'Dispatches from Syria'

Newsweek's Middle East Bureau Chief Janine di Giovanni presents a tour de force of war reportage from a Jihadist war zone, lends insight into the EU’s Migrant Crisis, and examines a proxy-World War through the perspective of those who were left behind.

Lady Anne Somerset says Passion Shaped Birth of Great Britain

She deposed her father, created a 2-party system, and quelled the endemic squabbling between England and Scotland to single-handedly create Great Britain. With unique and stirring insights from her aristocratic past, contributor MATTHEW FLACKS visits Lady Anne Somerset at her London flat to discuss Queen Anne: The Politics of Passion.
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Lady Anne Somerset says Passion Shaped Birth of Great Britain

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Historian Anne Sebba Discovers an American Woman at the Heart of Britain’s National Identity

It’s no surprise the Brit that re-united England with its former Colonies was raised by an American Mom. Called the “Lion of British Politics, Contributor BRENDA WENSIL chats with Anne Sebba about her new book, and discovers how an American Socialite created a British icon in “Jennie Churchill: Winston’s American Mother.”

Chatelaines of Highclere Rescue, Liberate and Deliver Castle in New Book

As the eighth and current countess of Highclere Castle, the real-life setting for Masterpiece's Downton Abbey, Lady Fiona Carnarvon was inspired to share the true story of Highclere Castle's conversion to a hospital during WWI. From diaries, letters and photos straight out of the Edwardian era, she produced Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey.
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Chatelaines of Highclere Rescue, Liberate and Deliver Castle in New Book

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Why Conde Nast UK Calls This ‘The Best Hotel in the World’

Springtime in the City of a Hundred Spires

Ritz-Carlton Soars at International Commerce and Financial Center on Kowloon Island

The Birthplace of the Renaissance

Where East Meets West at Lion Palace

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8th Earl of Leicester Thomas Coke on Holkham Hall

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The Modern Master of French Interiors

French Interior Designer Jean-Louis Deniot on Career and a Little Chaos

Jean-Louis Deniot’s keen architectural eye and timeless spirit inform his debut collection for Baker Furniture. We chatted with the designer in Paris about his 20th-Century vintage furnishings, with a nod to aristocratic décor, and discovered why together they seem and feel contemporary.

Mineral Rich Thermal Spas of Budapest Takes Skincare back to Nature

Plastic, silicone and petrochemicals dominate the cosmetics industry, and are increasingly suspect as arbiters of catastrophic disease. But when Omorovicza Skincare turned to the mineral rich, thermal spas of Budapest for the solution, they effectively changed the conversation in luxury skincare. Contributor LESLIE SCOCCA CROFT chats with Stephen and Margaret Omorovicza in New York City and learns why its never too late to return to nature.
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Mineral Rich Thermal Spas of Budapest Takes Skincare back to Nature

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Epidermal Growth Factor Wins Nobel Prize in Science & Skincare

Renewal Epidermal Science incorporates a 1986 Noble Prize winning technology called the Epidermal Growth Factor which seems to be regenerating the appearance of youthful skin. Contributor LESLIE SCOCCA CROFT sits down with Dr. Brown in Manhattan to discuss the science behind RéVive Skincare.

A Conversation with Perfumer, Laurice Rahmé

Launched as a homage to the Big Apple, Bond No. 9 is creating fragrances that capture and celebrate the unique neighborhoods of New York City. Contributor LESLIE SCOCCA CROFT checks in at the Bond Street location, takes a spin around the city in the famous Bond Mobile, and chats with founder Laurice Rahmé about why ‘Private Blendings’ and personal service are the next conversation in luxury perfumery.
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A Conversation with Perfumer, Laurice Rahmé

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Louisville Sirens Take on Science and Skincare with The Venus Effect

The renowned gynecologist Dr. Rebecca Booth and her sisters chat with Contributor BRENDA WENSIL in Louisville Kentucky about discovering the powerful secret of your cycle at any age. Dead Heat: Hormonal Aging. Odds On Favorite: The Venus Effect.

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