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Creed, Mission & Crew Inspiring the World in Major Ways

Michelle Shail

Michelle Shail joined Charlatan Magazine in 2008 and believes that Business + Psychology combine to create discussions about the importance of collaboration.

Dave Landy

With a front-row seat during the Global Financial Crisis, Dave Landy joined Charlatan Magazine in 2008 and reports on the Financial Services industry.

Dave Landy

Emily Valine

Emily Valine keeps pace with and reports on New Media. She is proud to have pioneered and pen #GirlBoss: Spotlighting the Enterprising Young Woman.

Matthew Flacks

Matthew Flacks was a Parliamentary Analyst at DeHavilland, a definitive provider of political intelligence in the UK, before segueing to Charlatan Magazine in 2013.

Matthew Flacks

Adriana Sharpe

Creator of the Pan-American art form of human and social inequities, Adriana Sharpe studied with master painter Oswaldo Guayasamín in Ecuador, and in 2014 joined Charlatan Magazine as an Art Critic.

Dylan Smith

Dylan Smith joined Charlatan Magazine in 2015 as a Culture and Enviornmental Coorespondent. His first interview was with expert Michael Shellenberger.

Libby Gillette

A graduate of the University of North Carolina, singer/songwriter Libby Gillette joined Charlatan Magazine in 2014 and reports on trends and the trade.

Joel McPhee

The author of “Mastering Strategic Risk," Joel McPhee joined Charlatan Magazine in 2012 and reports on leading and transforming organizations.

Joel McPhee

Terri Craft

With the runaway success of her blog "Glamour Mission," Terri Craft joined Charlatan Magazine in 2011 to review luxury skincare, color and e-commerce.

Mark Vertreese

Hooked on the powerful idea of expanding social consciousness, Mark Vertreese joined Charlatan Magazine in 2010 as a Featurist examining world culture

Mark Vertreese

Laura Brown

A native of Yorkshire England, contributor Laura Brown joined Charlatan Magazine in 2014 with her runaway column Girly Brown: American Spin on British Traditions.

A former Editor at Harper’s Bazaar, Leslie Scocca Croft joined Charlatan Magazine in 2010 as Charlatan Magazine's New York Bureau Chief.

Drew Gowing

Under the shadow of the Hearst Empire, Drew Gowing was named Editor of Charlatan Magazine in 2008, and presides over the first Political Exposé of the Digital Age.

A partner at Parker Poe, Scott Shail joined Charlatan Magazine in 2009 as a Legal Editor

Brenda Wensil joined Charlatan Magazine in 2009 as Features Editor

Kelly Hynes joined Charlatan Magazine in 2011 as an At-large Contributor

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