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Drew Gowing joined Charlatan Magazine in 2008, and presides over the first political exposé of the digital age.

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Raised in socially liberal Los Angeles, Drew Gowing rebelled; by dropping out of the prestigious University of Southern California after a semester to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) on a full-time, two-year missionary assignment in Canada. Upon his return to the U.S., he transferred to Brigham Young University to read philosophy and in 1989 earned the distinction, Bachelor of Arts.

He began his career as an Intern on the Senate Labor and Human Resource Committee in Washington DC, and ultimately cut his teeth in the press rooms on Capitol Hill. Here, public relations and political science combine into the incontrovertible truth that publishing ensures, supports and shapes the world of politics. A candidate for the JD/MPP in Law & Public Policy, he turned from Boston University into Management Consulting whereto advise leaders in business and government around the globe.

During the 2008 Election Year, three important pieces to his past coincided when the LDS Church collected over $20M to promulgate the State of California’s Proposition 8. Herein Church, State, and Law collided in what is described as the only instance in U.S. history where civil and pre-existing rights were taken away from a specific and targeted minority. And when the invitation came to preside over a political expose the following month, he effectively re-entered the public sector to devote what he calls his ‘second act’ to its service.

Mr. Gowing resides in Charlotte North Carolina with his partner of 21 years, David Edward Record. Under the shadow of the Hearst empire, he manages the reporting of the first Political Exposé in the Digital Age, and its subsequent reach to a readership of 30+ countries throughout the world.

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