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Mark Vertreese joined Charlatan Magazine in 2010 as a Columnist, Featurist and Collaborator.

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Mark Vertreese

doesn’t look at the world the same way you or I might. And that’s just fine with him. Born in Kansas in 1972, IBM planted his family in North Carolina in 1978. After thirty-five years, he considers himself a southerner and he’s loved every minute of it.

Writing has always held a distinct fascination for Mark, and his penchant for storytelling began at a very early age. Sitting by himself in his father’s den during his parents’ bridge parties, Mark’s passion for the creative quickly blossomed. Short stories of any kind and sharp-witted comedy were his favorite genres throughout high school and into college.

Before graduating from Appalachian State University with a BS in Communications & Public Relations, he fell in love with politics, NASCAR, country music, motorcycles, and a whip-smart, gorgeous Carolina blonde who stole his heart. Never one to shy away from a debate on any subject, Mark feels that you should always walk into a room assuming you’re the smartest person there, but remain open enough to learn something new every day. Whether dealing with life in the south as one half of an interracial marriage, the father of a biracial child, or the flake of pepper in a mostly-white international fraternity, Mark’s point of view gives him a distinct advantage not only in perspective, but in the practical experience he translates into prose.

Mark Vertreese is still very much hooked on the idea of expanding the social consciousness, and contributes to Charlatan Magazine as the Managing Editor of Behavioral Sciences. He pens a column called ‘The Gospel Truth’ where he seeks to educate and entertain while tackling serious subjects and giving the reader something to think about. In his spare time he writes novels (The Brotherhood, 2000; Chief of Staff, 2006; and the forthcoming The Situation Room), blogs every now and then (Magnolia Rambling) and spends as much time as he can with a son who seems to be growing up far too quickly, a fabulous wife, and the best friends a good southern beer can buy.

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