Michelle Shail


Michelle Shail joined Charlatan Magazine in 2008 as a Columnist, Featurist, and Collaborator.

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Michelle Shail

Michelle Shail was raised in the Commonwealth of Virginia where historic landmarks like Charlottesville, Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg are living-history museums to Revolutionary-era life.

A natural student of human behavior, Shail studied Psychology at Appalachian State and deftly applied that knowledge to business. During the Economic Boom of the 1990’s, she worked as a Modis IT recruiter connecting human capital to business growth for Fortune 1000 companies.

Three children later, she returned to graduate school and earned a Masters in Organization Development from Queens University. Today, Shail is a Talent Manager at TIAA: the leading retirement provider of financial services for the academic, research, medical, cultural and governmental industries.

With a continuing passion for the study of human behavior, Michelle joined Charlatan Magazine in 2008 to further that journey. Whether interviewing Kurdistan’s Agricultural Minister or the founder of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Michelle Shail has and continues to write compelling features of the prolific influencers of our time.

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