Dixon Van Sant

Features Editor

Punch Magazine was founded in 1841 but subtitled The London Charivari in homage to Charles Philipon's French political publication. It was considered a staple for British drawing rooms because of its close relationship with the Westminster Review, and for its extensive and celebratory coverage of world cultures. Repositioning the brand in 2008, DIXON VAN SANT joined Charlatan Magazine in 2011 to rehearse Politics, Culture and Style in the Digital Age.

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Meaning “Holy Faith” in Spanish, Dixon Van Sant was raised in Santa Fe New Mexico which is designated a UNESCO Creative City in Design, Arts and Crafts. Ordinances passed in the 20th century provide that new and restored buildings must be in the Spanish Revivalist and Adobe Style Architecture which commemorate Spain’s influence on the indigenous Pueblo Indian Villages first settled in 1050.

While attending the New Mexico School for the Deaf, Van Sant immersed himself in the Pulitzer Prize winning novels of locals like Cormac McCarthy whose On the Road represent an extended reflection upon the dehumanizing effects of industrialization on modernity. After matriculating through the English program at Stanford, he was invited to become a Wallace Stegner Fellow: a coveted 2-year grant for artists intent on practicing and perfecting their craft in poetry.

Van Sant took his first job at the Santa Fe Museum of Art, where he began privately researching and writing on the ethnological 20th century's life of The Pueblos. His article entitled “Desert Drums” caught the attention of the Pasadena Museum of California Art after which he relocated the west coast to become an Assistant Curator.

Attracted by their creed, Van Sant quietly moonlighted as a part-time volunteer at Charlatan Magazine where he was engaged as a Research Assistant before in 2011 being appointed Deputy Features Editor and subsequently Features Editor in 2013. A native of the Southwest, he believes that art and culture cannot not be dictated by commercial enterprise, but rather is a voluntary collaboration of a Virtual Society in an Information Age. Mr. Van Sant makes his home in WeHo with his wife and twin sons Mateo and Valentino.

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