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Punch Magazine was founded in 1841 but subtitled The London Charivari in homage to Charles Philipon's French political publication. It was considered a staple for British drawing rooms because of its close relationship with the Westminster Review, and for its extensive and celebratory coverage of world cultures. Repositioning the brand in 2008, DYLAN SMITH joined Charlatan Magazine in 2015 to rehearse Politics, Culture and Style in the Digital Age.

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A recent graduate from the University of Nevada, Dylan Smith was the Literary Director of UNR’s Literature and Arts Journal and a Columnist for the student-run magazine, Insight. A nature retreat—and two-month isolation from technology—resulted in his critical article “The Weight of Texting: One Summer. No Phone” and he’s proud to have launched his tenure as a professional journalist by interviewing the iconic environmental policy expert, Michael Shellenberger.

Articles by Dylan Smith

From the Death of Enviornmentalism to the Politics of Possibility

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