Leslie Scocca Croft

New York Bureau Chief

Punch Magazine was a staple in British drawing rooms in the 19th century due to a close relationship with the Westminster Review, and objective coverage of world cultures. Repositioning the brand in 2008, former Harper's Bazaar editor LESLIE SCOCCA CROFT is named New York Bureau Chief to rehearse Politics, Culture and Style for the Digital Age.

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Leslie Scocca Croft grew up in Queens where New York City twinkles on every horizon, and was drawn in particular to the world’s epicenter of fashion. Ranked among the Top 5 Fashion Schools in the world, she entered the famed Fashion Institute of Technology to study Advertising and Communications whereupon she earned the distinction Bachelor of Arts. Upon graduation, Croft joined the Hearst Corporation and went to work on the title Harper’s Bazaar—America’s First Fashion Magazine—where she reigned as a Senior Editor for more than 14 years. But when the chairman and owner of one of New York’s longest established property management and real estate development firms tapped her as his right-hand person, fate brought her connections with NYC’s advertising world to the fast-paced and exciting labyrinth of New York City Real Estate.

After joining Charlatan Magazine—The Exposé of Politics, Culture and Style—Croft returned to the world of reporting and is proud to have pioneered and pen, The Grand Bazaar: A Day in the Life of our Culture. In 2012, she was appointed Charlatan’s New York Bureau Chief and oversees reporting from New York City’s diverse culture to the magazine’s 31 international markets. Whether in Las Vegas, Portugal, London or beyond, Leslie remains transfixed on Global Culture, and continues to provide commentary, editorial oversight, and exclusive, cutting-edge interviews from the Capital of the World. Leslie and her husband of 18 years, the real estate mogul Tony Croft, reside along the Hudson River and maintains that “Life is full of surprises. It advertises nothing.”

Articles by Leslie Scocca Croft

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