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A staple in British Drawing Rooms in the 19th century, Punch Magazine had a close relationship to Parliament during the Victorian Era and was a celebrated critique, satire and commentary for the British Empire. Repositioning the brand to the U.S. in 2008, MICHELLE SHAIL joins Charlatan Magazine to sort politics from culture and style in the modern age.

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Michelle Anderson Shail hails from the hills of Roanoke Virginia from which she attributes her appreciation for community, gentility and southern charm. Growing up in the conservative South, she was intuitively curious by the subjugation of those deviating from the script of social normality, and, inspired by a working mom, chose to study human behavior. After earning a Bachelors in Psychology from Appalachian State University, she got to work applying that knowledge in business. As a Modis IT recruiter, she connected human capital to business growth, and, further straying from convention, even exercised her own talent management skills by putting her husband through law school.

While in the daily routine of raising three beautiful children, she returned to school to further her passion for human behavior and its relationship to business. She holds a Masters in Organization Development from Queens University of Charlotte and today writes, designs, teaches and coaches both individuals and corporations on applying behavioral science to human capital strategies. Michelle has a passion for building participative relationships and being a diplomat of the meaningful work experiences that help individuals and organizations meet their goals and objectives. 

For Michelle, writing came as a delightful surprise that evolved as a gift from the cathartic journey of self-exploration, the examination of the collective unconscious, and the manifestation of the greatest threat or grandest possibility to the human spirit. Throughout civilization, the progress of humanity has been chronicled in the written word, and the fabric of society sewn into the stories of our human relationships. As such, Michelle writes to investigate the human journey, and in-service to all who’ve dared to embark upon and walk that path, opened her first article entitled “Catholics and Mormons and Gays, Oh My” with this statement of belief, “We can never anticipate the way our lives may be enriched by the encounter of someone ostensibly different.”

Articles by Michelle Shail

Same-Sex Marriage Becomes New Law of the Land

Since SCOTUS declared Same-Sex Marriage the new Law of the Land, Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL remembers how the Catholics, Mormons & Gays collided to create the new American Family.

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Gender Segregation & Sexism Challenged by “Conceptual Age.”

Segregation between the sexes was engineered by the religion and culture of Islam. Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL investigates Islam’s Harems, Hamams and Bathhouses as the original model of segregation, and discovers how “The Conceptual Age” is creating inclusion for all sexes.

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Straight talk about Gay Marriage with New Hampshire Diocese Gene Robinson

Bishop V. Gene Robinson, whose consecration as the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church set off a historic rift in the global Anglican Communion, retires to become a Senior Fellow at The Center for American Progress. Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL chats with the former bishop, author and activist about the importance of being unashamedly gay and christian.

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A Conversation with Kurdistan's Agriculture Minister, Jamal Fuad

It is the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the world. But where’s the beef? Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL chats with Fmr. Agriculture Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Dr. Jamal Fuad, about the Oil-for-Food program, excessive foreign aid and why sustainability is the keystone of national identity.

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U.S.-China New Model for Major Country Relations

The best lens for clarifying the dynamics of the U.S.-China relationship may be the Thucydides Trap: the structural stress that occurs when a "rising" power threatens to displace a "ruling" nation. Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL looks at the G-20 Summit, Paris Agreement, skirmishes in the South China Sea, and to the history of the globe's two largest consumers for a new model for major country relations.

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