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The Parties, Soiree's & Hotspots of World Culture

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Storied Gresham Palace Reveals Invincible Republic of Hungary

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Four Seasons Florence Encrusted with Clues, Antiques and Artifacts of the Renaissance

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Visiting the Magical Land of Siam

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The Land of 100 Spires

The Parties, Soireés & Hotspots of World Culture

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Lion Palace Heralds New Era of Hospitality for East and West
Nearly two centuries after its debut as the city’s most exclusive residence, the “House with Lions” is reborn as Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg. Ideally situated next to St. Isaac’s Cathedral – and designed by the same architect – this architectural masterpiece gives way to glamorous new hotel accommodations, dining and drinking concepts, event spaces and the city’s most sumptuous spa.

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The Gateway to the Americas
Surrounded by stunning views, Mandarin Oriental hotel in Miami brings the essence of modern Five-Star luxury to Brickell Key. Contributor EMILY VALINE checks into the private beach, gourmet fusion restaurant and an exotic day at spa to find a taste of Asian serenity in sun-kissed Miami.

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The Ritz London Celebrates 100 Years in Mayfair
This year marks the 110th Anniversary of The Ritz Hotel in London, and it remains the single finest example of Edwardian England’s customs and style. Charlatan Magazine checks into the neoclassical masterpiece in the heart of London to discover why these traditions feel tried, true and contemporary.

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Ritz-Carlton Soars at International Commerce and Financial Center in Kowloon Island
One Country, Two Systems ensures that capitalist economic political systems can prevail inside the PRC. Contributor MATT GRAY checks in at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong on Kowloon Island and discovers the world's most competitive economy inside a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

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Swimming with Turtles in Mexico
It is where the Mayan people once came to pay tribute to the sun, where green turtles have nested year after year, and where beach lovers from around the world discover a sandy slice of heaven. Contributor KIM GREEN embarks for the Ritz-Carlton, Cancun: a luxury resort that embodies the vibrant yet quaint charm of one of the finest beaches in Mexico.

A Conversation with Ritz-Carlton Founder Horst Schulze

The World Series & Why We Love the Game
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    Editorial Mission

    In 17th century France a man named Tabarin performed for the Royal Court. He sang, danced, told jokes and with stories otherwise improvised his role as the first and most famous Parisian Charlatan. Though he performed exclusively for the House of Bourbon by day, it was by night that he took to the streets: digesting what he’d learned and seen at Court with the clever disguise of street performance. While political gatherings were considered unlawful in the Middle Ages, his audiences are believed by historians to be among the “Whispers to the French Revolution.”

    Charlatan Magazine was conceived during the 2008 election year as both a reaction and response to the State of California’s Proposition 8. Herein Church, State, and Law collided in what is described as the only instance in US history where civil and pre-existing rights were taken away from a specific and targeted minority. But when a consortium of Citizen Journalists determined to merge current events with philosophical commentary on business, society, politics, religion and style, they effectively fused the chasm between liberal and conservative ideals into a canon of one news source.

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    Charlatan first appeared under the shadow of the Hearst Empire as a free 32 page glossy in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2008. It grew regionally, and, thereafter, internationally with the advent of digital media.

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