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Conversations with Actors, Activists & Agents Engaging the World in Major Ways

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NFL Legend Builds Bridge's with LGBT Community

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The Hollow Crown's Benedict Cumberbatch
Cumberbatch Uncloaks Richard III as Villain & Hero in Hallow Crown

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BEN COHEN: England National Rugby Union Team’s New Anti-Bully

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The Redux of Steel Titan Charles M. Schwab’s Management Savvy

Conversations with Actors, Athletes & Activists Engaging the World in Major Ways

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A Conversation with Olympic Champion Greg Louganis
The four-time gold medalist is the only man to win consecutive Olympic titles in springboard and platform diving. But when his athletic career came to an close, Greg Louganis dove into activism by announcing he was gay, revealing he was HIV-positive, and authoring a runaway bestselling autobiography. Twenty years later he’s a legally married man, and, in the aftermath of California’s Proposition 8, still demonstrating how true champions are in one way or other always Breaking the Surface.

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Chatting with New Hampshire Diocese Gene Robinson
Bishop V. Gene Robinson, whose consecration as the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church set off a historic rift in the global Anglican Communion, retires to become a Senior Fellow at The Center for American Progress. Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL chats with the former bishop, author and activist about the importance of being unashamedly gay and christian.

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A Conversation with Adam Jonas Segaller about The Innovators: The Men Who Built America
He called upon the rich to redistribute their wealth throughout society. But what Andrew Carnegie did was confuse charity with equal opportunity for the 20th century. Contributor BRENDA WENSIL chats with Adam Jonas Segaller about his portrayal of the legendary steel magnate, uncovers problems with his seminal work “Gospel of Wealth,” and discovers why big philanthropy should never replace social justice.

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The RéVive Revolution

A Coversation with Gregory Bays Brown
A Noble Prize winning technology called the 'Epidermal Growth Factor' seems to have made its way into the luxury skincare game. Contributor LESLIE SCOCCA CROFT sits down with Dr. Gregory Bays Brown in Manhattan to discuss how science is driving the RéVive Skincare Revolution.

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The Inside Story of the UK Phone Hacking Trial
Diana, Princess of Wales, died believing the Royal Family was hacking into her private phone conversations and leaking those details to the press to discredit her. Killed in a high-speed chase by paparazzi, her car lost control and crashed into a pillar whilst she fled for what she described as ‘a more private life.’ The Princess, who’d hoped to ‘give the people of Britain light in their dark tunnels,’ paradoxically died in one of her own when freelance journalists shadowed, stalked and captured her last photograph to sell to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. Contributor MATTHEW FLACKS chats with Peter Jukes about the UK Phone Hacking Scandal, the $535 million News Corp shelled out to the 718 victims of its pranks, and about the future of news, information and civility in his seminal new book, Beyond Contempt.

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From the Death of Enviornmentalism to the Politics of Possibility
Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger’s 2004 essay “The Death of Environmentalism” sparked passionate debate while earning them a reputation as the wild boys of the Environmental Movement. Contributor DYLAN SMITH chats with the authors about their new book Break Through: From the Death of Environmentalism to the Politics of Possibility, and an altogether new approach to the urgent problem of global warming.

A Conversation with Shell Oil President John Hofmeister

RéVive Skincare Revolution

A Conversation with RéVive Skincare Founder Gregory Bays Brown

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