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Interviews with Scholars, Authors Informing the World in Major Ways

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Lady Anne Somerset says Passion Shaped Birth of Great Britain

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Newsweek's Janine di Giovanni: Dispatches from Syria

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Chatelaines of Highclere Rescue, Liberate and Deliver Castle in New Book

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Historian Anne Sebba Discovers an American Woman at the Heart of Britain’s National Identity

Interviews with Scholars and Authors Informing the World in Major Ways

Cross Checking Education, Leadership & The Gender Pay Gap
Women dominate the U.S. Labor force but earn 25% less than their male counterparts. Contributor BRENDA WENSIL chats with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Massie about Catherine II: why she comissioned the first college for women in 1764, how she sent women marching into the arts, sciences and education, and how the Russian Empress triggered the Age of Enlightenment.
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Cross Checking Education, Leadership, and The Gender Pay Gap

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The Genocide of the Native American
U.S. Settlers created policies to displace the Native American Indian. Contributor MATTHEW FLACKS talks with historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz about the genocide of "An Indigenous Peoples: History of the United States."

Donald Trump Elected President in Stunning Reshuffle to Repbulic & World Order
Contributor DYLAN SMITH sits down with Pulitzer Prize winning author Edward Larson to examine comparisons to the first presidential race, why dirty tricks confound the democratic process, and if or when this grand experiment, our Constitutional Republic in fact will exercise their call to liberty.
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Donald Trump Elected President in Stunning Reshuffle to Repbulic & World Order

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Education Bubble Adversely Effecting U.S. Economy
While college tuition payments are rising, the supply of college graduates in many fields is exceeding the demand for their skills. From The Center for American Progress, contributor JULIE MORGAN looks at America’s Education System: the value of a tuition dollar, graduate unemployment and underemployment, and at the burden of student loan defaults on financial institutions, taxpayers and the United States economy.

Rio de Janeiro on the Brink. A Conversation with Julianna Barbassa
Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. But as we descend on Rio de Janeiro for the Summer Olympic Games, Contributor DYLAN SMITH talks with Juliana Barbassa about the government corruption, massive poverty, organized crime, and this emerging global power in Dancing with the Devil in the City of God: Rio de Janeiro and the Olympic Dream.
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Rio de Janeiro on the Brink. A Conversation with Julianna Barbassa
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A Conversation with Carlos Eire
In the aftermath of the Cuban Revolution, parent’s began shipping their children to the shores of America in what is considered the largest exodus of unaccompanied minors in history. Carlos Eire’s painful memoir, which won the National Book Award, depicts a vibrant and colorful Havana before it is swept asunder by communism. Contributor MATTHEW FLACKS chats with the Yale professor about the Cuban Revolution, the reign of Raúl Castro, and the truth behind Cuba’s new relationship with the U.S.