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Golden State Shelters in Place

Coronavirus Pandemic & Phenomenon


California was the first to Shelter in Place. Contributor JOSHUA LUNDELL hunkers down with the Golden State’s 40 million residents as texts of curiosity, contempt, and concern effectively take the initial temperature of the country.

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**February 26, 2020**

San Francisco: Damn. Shit's getting real. How long before the Federal Government intercedes? I'm curious to see how the people will react?

West Virginia: Trump says “Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus! They tried the impeachment hoax. This is their new hoax.”

San Francisco: Ok. Trying to be proactive. Someone just died in Seattle — the first Coronavirus death in the US — on February 29, 2020.

Sacramento: CA declares 'State of Emergency' to contain Coronavirus after 1st death! Governor Newsom says “California is deploying every level of government to help identify and slow the spread of the Coronavirus.”

Grand Princess: I can't believe they're keeping us out here. This is cruel.

Oakland: We got this. We're equipped to handle cruise ships. Our ports are easier to seal off than others. We promise we won't leave you out there.

San Francisco: Hold steady. We'll get you here as soon as possible. Is your family ok?

Padua, Italy: Yes, thank you. They're taking it lightly. Trying not to make too big a fuss. But their hearts are heavy…

Washington DC: Trump declares a National Emergency on March 13 — unlocking $50 billion.

San Francisco: For what exactly?

Washington DC: State of emergency operations/preparedness plans. I think $$ funnels from the feds > local levels?

Zurich, Switzerland: Our family in Italy is in lock down. No public transportation. All flights canceled. Sketchy internet. Relying on phones for contact. As Europe emerges as the new epicenter of the crisis, they're slowly locking us up. You???

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San Francisco: The Grand Princess has been left adrift off of Oakland. Apparently, someone on board is infected, but of the current 350 cases on the US mainland Trump says “I like those numbers.”

Zurich, Switzerland: Time to catch up with good books I guess? My mother still writes in her journal every single day.

San Francisco: Humanity needs a collective break from social media. Talking only to those you agree with — the bifurcation of news and information — marks the end of times. #bravenewworld

Zurich, Switzerland: Tale of Two Cities?

San Francisco : Spain and France closing their borders. We'll be there soon.
San Francisco : Seems draconian. That won't happen.
San Francisco : We're 'sheltering in place' @ midnight.
San Francisco: Fuck!

New York: I'm sick on the couch with a fever. Daughter had the flu last week.

San Francisco: Stay out of Manhattan for two weeks if you can. Love you.

Charlotte: I'd say a complete halt is imminent. Schools, restaurants, bars, and gyms have all been closed. Are you coping ok? I know you have an SF network, but family is far away.

San Francisco: It's sad here. My sister's family in Indiana had to put their dog down. Grief is the price we pay for love.

Cincinnati 1: Liberal media and blue states and cities intentionally tanking the market.

San Francisco: You def don't understand what's happening here. But that's ok. I hope the nurse is still somewhere inside you.

Cincinnati 1: I was joking.

San Francisco: Fair enough. I never know, anymore. We live in virtually vitriolic times.

Cincinnati 1: I disagree with government forced quarantines. I get people are stupid and dirty. But not everyone deserves to remain on this earth. They had a multitude of choices, and if they’ve all been bad ones then they can exit. If you're good with the lockdown, that's your prerogative. I wish you well and pray you hunker down and stay safe.

San Francisco: Fair enough! Anyway, enjoy Ohio's wide open spaces.

Cincinnati 3: Our restaurants and bars are closed, too. County parks and public places are practicing Social Distancing. To be fair, I can't blame anyone. It's worth a try to burn this out over the next few weeks.

San Francisco: "STAY HEALTHY AND SAFE! WE'LL BE BACK SOON!" Is the nomenclature here! It’s difficult to discern shit from shinola.

Chicago 1: I think this is a profoundly smart decision. Other cities will follow soon. Did you see the beaches in FL today? Why is everyone treating this pandemic like SPRING BREAK?

Chicago 2: I need a gun.

Columbus: I'm trying to promise myself I won't drink every night but...

Chicago 2: I’ll be drinking every night. And some days too. Love you guys!

Washington DC: I have 18 bottles of wine arriving Thursday. I've binged "Love is Blind." I also have some edibles in the freezer so #thankyougoodnight

London: I have 4 bottles of vodka, 1.5 bottles of gin, 5 bottles of wine, and some stray beers. (And I don't drink).

San Francisco: I hope they’re not going thru Amazon’s Distribution center in NY?

London: HA! That’s right. They’re infected too. Home distilleries? My bf drinks, and he’ll go mental with a lockdown.

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**MARCH 17, 2020**

San Francisco: Hey Grandma, How are you holding up out there?

Fort Dodge, Iowa: Oh I'm fine dear. My food and mail gets delivered. No one bothers me. I stayed up until 4:30am watching movies. It's like I'm on vacation!

San Francisco: How are things on your end?

Dayton, Ohio: Not quarantined, but most things are closed down. People are cooperating though scared. You?

San Francisco: On a walk. Only permitted out with ‘designated family members,’ so I’m otherwise on my own. It's rainy and grim. Three modes of public discourse emerging.
1) Social Distancing. #spot #giggle #wave
2) Tech absorbed #dismissive #detached
3) Fear #hoarding

Sacramento: There are 10,000 cases, and 150 fatalities in the US as of this morning (19 March 2020). HR 415-2 will provide a $7.8B stimulus to the state, but pretty sure were heading into a recession.

San Francisco : Out for another walk. The clouds have broken and the sun shines. At a local Grocery Store.

San Francisco : People are stressed out. We gotta be kind to each other.

San Francisco : I'm in violent agreement with you. #elbowbump

San Francisco: Thank you! Thank you! Have a nice day.

**MARCH 19, 2020**

Los Angeles: Rip off the bandage already, and stop the slow roll. Set up isolation centers/wards now, not send people home to spread to multi-generational others. Worked for China. Lock it all down for 60 days. Hate me later when you're alive to do it.

San Francisco: This just in. The once stranded Grand Princess offers itself up as a "Floating Hospital." #allaboard

Los Angeles: With continuing service to LA I hope? We've got 231 cases here (2 deaths) according to the LA Times.

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**MARCH 22, 2020**

San Francisco: Shout out to Marin for letting us borrow some abandoned mats for the twice daily rooftop social distancing JIP sessions. We have the best view in SF of doomsday.

San Francisco: Happy those mats found a home!

San Francisco: Alert! Shelter in Place orders causes San Francisco Bay Area partners to experiment w/ Monogamous Relationships. #lol

San Francisco: The only tool I'm reviewing daily is the World-o-Meter. Todays' head count (March 24) 48,778 infected, 588 dead, and 295 recovered in the US.

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