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8 JULY 2020

The U.S. Sun Belt (Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina) is the newest global epicenter of the Coronavirus Pandemic, as the virus moves from the liberal blue to conservative red American states.

26 June 2020

Uniformed police officers discuss “slaughtering African Americans,” the US House of Representatives passes a police reform bill, and Joe Biden takes a dramatic lead in Election 2020.

19 June 2020

#Black Lives Matter Movement spreads across 60 nations, the U.S. Supreme Court defends Gays + Dreamers, and American slaves were effectively freed 155 years ago today.

27 May 2020

Four Minneapolis police officers have been charged for suffocating a black man, the Kentucky governor is hanged in effigy, and George Floyd Protests erupt across the nation.

15 May 2020

Jobless claims surpass 35 million, U.S. Colleges and Universities begin opting online, and the World Health Organization warns, “This virus may never go away.”

8 May 2020

The United States is opening up, a black jogger is gunned down by a former police officer, and Fmr. National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is free.

30 April 2020

Social Distancing guidelines expire around the states, global greenhouse gas emissions fall, and Remdesivir comes to the rescue.

23 April 2020

He blocked the impeachment, gun legislation and the Green New Deal. Now Speaker Mitch McConnell says cash-strapped states hit by Covid-19 should go bankrupt, too.
17 april 2020

The pandemic doubles down on its death march, a panacea is on the horizon, and a US President defurs to the State's Governors for national leadership.

15 APRIL 2020

What do the WHO, White House Pandemic Office, and a delayed Coronavirus Stimulus Check all have in common — Donald Trump’s Signature.

30 march 2020

The British Prime Minister, now recovered from Covid-19, may be the most consequential Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher

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