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Scott Shail

Scott Shail joined Charlatan Magazine in 2009 as a Legal Coorespondent.

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Scott Shail

Raised along the historic Hudson River Valley in upstate New York, Scott Shail was immersed in the multi-cultural arrhythmia of music traditions and today listens to everything from Led Zeppelin to Bob Marley, Stone Temple Pilots and Tupac Shakur. Additionally, he spent time with his Mother, Aunt and Grandmother in their respective kitchens taking mental notes on how and why the best families are built around the traditions of the American Dinner-table. At the age of twelve, however, Scott and his family relocated to Raleigh-Durham where he spent his teenage years evolving into a Neo-Southerner. Enrolling in Appalachian State University in Boone, named after the American Pioneer Daniel Boone, it was here in the Blue Ridge Mountains that Scott developed a love for Outdoor Recreation, Downhill Skiing and Sky Diving.

After commencing from college, Scott spent three years as a Juvenile Counselor and advocate after-which deciding to take the ‘legal plunge’ and enrolling in the University of Baltimore School of Law. Graduating with honors, he was chosen to clerk for a Federal Bankruptcy Judge in Washington DC, and thereafter assumed the position of Associate Attorney with the prestigious Hogan Lovells: An International Law Firm.

Wishing to raise his young family in his native South, Scott accepted an In-House Counsel position with Wachovia Corporation: a once thriving commercial bank churning out record profits. But with the 2008 Economic downturn, he witnessed the failure of Wachovia first-hand from the front row of the legal division. After the bank’s acquisition by Wells Fargo, Scott transitioned with the new company until 2010 when he was tapped to return to private practice as a partner with Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein in Charlotte. This father-of-three is guided by the belief that each individual is the executor to its own destiny, fate, and soul.

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Articles by Scott Shail


Affluence was the defense used to absolve Texas teen Ethan Couch from prison. Legal contributor SCOTT SHAIL examines the legal precedent called “Affluenza” and explores parent’s moral responsibility in presenting their children to society.

Tyrrany of Credit

U.S. households now carry $1 Trillion in credit card debt. Legal contributor SCOTT SHAIL explores the largest lending craze since the Great Depression

Cyberbulling 101

Candor and cruelty can dominate the national discourse. Legal contributor SCOTT SHAIL examaines the paradox of social media, and discovers how institutions of higher learning are intervening in the collapse of civility.

Chilling Out

Are you entitled to a Mental Health Day?' Contirubor SCOTT SHAIL examines the fine print of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Citizens United

Did Citizens United v. FEC pave the way for candidate Donald Trump? Legal contributor SCOTT SHAIL says free speech may be indemnified by the Constitution, but free and fair elections are the only insurers of democracy.

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