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Features, Articles & Essays Alighting the World in Major Ways

Features, Articles & Essays Alighting the World in Major Ways

How Fascism Works


Call of Duty

Banning TikTok may be the American Way, but Generations X-Z are ready to play.

Life of Reason

As Pro-Palestinian protests swarm college campuses, Zionism puts the screws to America’s core values.

Death & Taxes

His trial is underway but the verdict is already in. Use caution when declaring your taxes.

The Great Eclipse

New “punish the parent” laws can lead to incarceration for some American parents.

Holy Week

A quintessential entrance is knowing when to make an appearance.

The Great Good Place

The search for a civil society exists somewhere beyond the cash nexus.

Why We Lose Our Memory

“Memories are deceptive." Albert Einstein

The Year Ahead 2024

Steamboat Willie, Donald Trump, and the spoils of the new republic.

Chasing the Light

Science and nature collide in daylight savings and springtime.


Face identification software is quick to justice, but things aren't always what they seem.

The Gender Revolution

Expelled from utopian Barbie Land for being less than perfect, Barbie and Ken take their first steps into the real world. Charlatan explores the Gender Revolution.


Post what you like; as much as you please; Americans call it Freedom of Speech.

Extreme Weather 2023

If you stare into the Abyss long enough the Abyss stares back at you.


Equality didn't really gel in its day. Equity might've been the better phrase.

Coming of Age

At 81, Pinup Girl Martha Stewart is stirring perceptions about Age Bias.

Memorial Day (Two Ways)

Many lay claim to the blue and grey, but it's black and white at the end of the day.

Wrath of the Gods

Man courts physical disaster, the natural world complies.

All That's Good

Peace isn't an abstract goal. It's a day to day journey by which we arrive at a goal.

Hot Spot Police

The best way to predict a crime is to create it.

The Marriage Act

Have your cake and eat it too but mindful of saying “I do.”

Gun Fight

School shootings aren't the problem. They’re a consequence and foregone conclusion of a problem.

The Equality Act

American patrons & public accommodations proffer a final Right of Reply.

Midlife Crisis

Science may explain the midlife pandemonium for those rearing Middle Age.

The Bully Pulpit

Free Speech / Hate Speech can sound pretty similar, but the difference is pretty profound.

Mother Nature & Covid-19

Covid-19 brought the world to a standstill. Psychotherapist MELISSA ST. JEAN remembers why self introspection was nature's call to us all.

Center Street, USA

A $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill is modernizing America, but will it demolish what we loved about Center Street?

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

This French motto isn't a buffet. It's best when served in courses.

Pandemic Fatigue

The Gay community took on their own pandemic with simple straightforward salvo.

Empty Nest Syndrome

The Empty Nest Syndrome is not a condition. It’s a phenomenon.

American Dreamers

When the U.S. Department of Homeland Security tried to expel one million international college students, the U.S. Supreme Court intervened on behalf of the American Dream.

Ground Zero & Covid-19

Nursing Homes were the first stop for the Coronavirus, and have become veritable hot spots in America. Charlatan observes how Generation Z and the elderly were destined to meet on the front lines of Covid-19.

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Scholars & Authors Apprise the World in Major Ways

Scholars & Authors Apprise the World in Major Ways

Korea: The Impossible Country

South Korea's Amazing Rise from the Ashes: Danny Yee reviews thje inside story of an economic, political and cultural phenomenon

The Impossible State: North Korea, Past and Future

White House Security Advisor Victor Cha pulls back the curtain on the Kim Dynasty and future of the Hermit Kingdom.

A Magnificent Catastrophe

Pulitzer Prize winning author Edward Larson compares the first presidential race to the last, and tells DYLAN SMITH why dirty tricks and a 2-party system are the crux of a democracy in "A Magnificent Catastrophe."

Break Through

From the death of enviornmentalism to the politics of possilbity, contributor DYLAN SMITH chats with Michael Shellenberger about the fallacy of environmental politics and the future of a sustainable economy in “Break Through."

The Morning They Came For Us

Newsweek's Janine di Giovanni arrived in Damascus at the onset of Syria's Civil War. Contributor DYLAN SMITH chats with the war correspondent about the conflict, casualties and Syrian Refugee Crisis in "The Morning They Came For Us."

Beyond Contempt

Heavy lies the head that wears "The Crown."

Queen Anne: The Politics of Passion

She consolidated England and Scotland to create Great Britain. Contributor MATTHEW FLACKS visits Lady Anne Somerset in London to discuss "Queen Anne: The Politics of Passion."

Waiting For Snow in Havanna

It’s the largest exodus of unaccompanied minors in history. Contributor MATTHEW FLACKS chats with Yale Professor Carlos Eire about the Cuban Revolution and Operation Peter Pan.

An Indigenous Peoples'

It is the largest extermination of an indigenous people in history. Contributor MATTHEW FLACKS sits down with historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz to discuss the Removal Act and genocide of "An Indigenous Peoples'.


Its was a political cautionary tale for COVID-19. Contributor MATTHEW FLACKS talks with David Quammen about a global pandemic's origins and end game in "Ebola: The Natural and Human History of a Deadly Virus."

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