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Movers & Shakers Affecting the World in Major Ways

Movers & Shakers Affecting the World in Major Ways

Upside Down

Respectfully, I say to thee: I’m aware that your cheating.

Pay to Play

Hot dogs at ball games, roast beef at the Ritz? It's all an American Dream.


Woman's rights now in-style, sexism hits strong headwinds in the Emerald Isle.

The Queen's Gambit

We were right til we weren’t; built a nation watched it burn; second round heres the spin; now the nations listening in.

Fearless Girl

It's not always why or when but where we choose the fight.

Mr. Irrelevant

The concussions, ratings, combine, race norming and incontrovertible Taylor Swift.

The OpenAI Coup

Measure Twice, Cut Once.

The Death of Labor Day

Protests, anarchy, and algorithms wave goodbye to American Pie and the end of summer.

Women's World Cup 2023

Spain may’ve won the World Cup, but gender equality went into overtime.

England's Anti-Bully

He won the World Cup and was knighted by the Queen. Contributor MATTHEW FLACKS chats with England National Rugby's Ben Cohen in London about the Standup Foundation.


Purdue promised pain relief. Tesla proffered a cure.

Digital Currency Dystopia

Worldcoin: Visit the Orb or the Orb will visit you.

White Independence Day

It's Independence Day and heres what happens to people who get in our way.

AI Revolution

Super Intelligence, brain implants, and zany holograms collide to decry mankind.

Mothers & Gods

Maternal bonds nurse material world into spiritual realm.

Bank Runs, 2023

Bank runs are like a crack of thunder. Unless of course they come too close together.

International Women's Day

Virtue signaling is a voice. Sweat equity a choice.

Age of Retaliation

Freedom brigade or royal crusade? Weighing the difference in Sussex.

A Noble Few

The 2022 Nobel Prize points to life & living in a parallel universe.

Columbus Day Conundrum

Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples' Day? Can both be the American Way?

Sins of the Fathers

Can a Pope atone for the genocide of the Indigenous Peoples? That answer lies somewhere in a penitential journey across Canada.

Victorious Angels

Supermodels take on the Elite Model Agency and sexual harassment in Paris.

Home To Vote

While the U.S. Supreme Court scuttles abortion, Ireland reverses their ban in an historic referendum.

The Gospel of Wealth

"No man becomes rich unless he enriches others." Andrew Carnagie

The All American

1:1 with NFL Hall of Famer Steve on the LDS Church and Affirmation.

The Men Who Built America

He created the H-Beam and skyscrapper. Contributor BRENDA WENSIL chats with John Keabler about his portrayal of steel magnate Charles M. Schwab and the modern U.S. Labor Force.

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