Charlatan embarks on the Hotels, Palaces & Hotspots Around the World

The Garden of Good and Evil

The march to the grave yields to the left or chooses the right.

Clean Energy Showdown

The U.S. seems to be copying Denmark’s clean energy strategy but shouldn't they see the palace secrets first?

Viva la Cuba

One culture. Two currencies? Charlatan checks-in to Cuba’s new Gran Hotel Manzana, and experiences the collision between communism and the new market capitalism.

The Invisible Bridge

America is ostensibly two nations barely on speaking terms. Charlatan checks into the Four Seasons Budapest to learn where this story ends.

The Ritz London

It's the finest example of Edwardian England's style. Charlatan checks out the neoclassical masterpiece in the heart of London and experiences why this hotel's customs feel tried, true, and contemporary.

Four Seasons Buenos Aires

It’s the birthplace of the Tango. Charlatan checks into the Four Seasons Buenos Aires and discovers the spirit of Eva Parón in step with the diversity of a nation.

The Bride of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles was signed at Trinon Palace. Charlatan checks into the Waldorf Astoria and discovers the Allied Powers in the Mistreeses Retreat.

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

For more than 135 years, royalty, writers, and seasoned travelers have made this palace their vacation site. Situated on the River of Kings, Charlatan checks-in to the legendary Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.

Four Seasons Prague

Czechia is the newest name for the Czech Republic, and yet another incarnation for the Kingdom of Bohemia. Charlatan checks-in to the Four Seasons Prague, and discovers a progressive & enchantingly modern world.

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

One Country, Two Systems ensures that capitalist economic political systems can prevail inside the PRC. Contributor MATT GRAY checks-in at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong and discovers a compelling city at the gateway to China.

La Sultana Marrakesh

How did Morocco avert the Arab Spring? Charlatan travels to Africa and discovers a savvy constitutional monarch, a vibrant cosmopolitan culture, and the kismit of both at the resplendent La Sultana Marrakesh.


Florence is the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region and birthplace of the Renaissance. Contributor BRENDA WENSIL visits the Four Seasons Hotel Florence: and discovers the oil paintings, antiques and masters that created the modern age.

The InterContinental Effect

The InterContinental Hotel has commandeered Boston’s revolutionary harbor in a way the Redcoats never could. With next level concierge on a cosmopolitan seaport.

Four Seasons Lion Palace

Peter the Great preferred humble accommodations, but Catherine the Great certainly would have approved. Charlatan embarks to the sumptuous Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg.

Mandarin Oriental Miami

The Mandarin Oriental brings Five Star luxury to Miami. Contributor EMILY GILLESPIE enjoys the private beach and spa, and finds Asian serenity on the sun-kissed Brickle Key

Corinthia London

Its the world's most visited city. Contributor MATTHEW FLACKS checks-in to the five star hotel and discovers a mixed crowd at Corinthia London.

Corinthia St. Petersburg

It was the masterplan of Peter the Great. Charlatan checks-in to the Corinthia Hotel St. Petersburg and enounters former KGB, a diploamt's wife, and the remnants of Communist Russia.

The Real Downton Abbey

The 8th Countess of Carnarvon recounts how the chatelaines of Highclere rescued, liberated and saved the castle. Contributor MATTHEW FLACKS chats with Lady Fiona Carnarvon about "The Real Downton Abbey."

Ritz Carlton Cancun

Its where the Mayans paid tribute to the sun. Contributor KIM GREEN embarks for the Ritz-Carlton Cancun: a luxury resort that embodies the vibrant yet quaint charm of one of the finest beaches in Mexico.

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