Politicians & Statesmen Changing the World in Major Ways

Woke Capitalism

Disney, Gay Pride, and Ron DeSantis collide on Main Street USA.

Betting Down: Church, State and Crown

Head of State / Protector of Faith? Can anyone serve both Church and State?

Debt Ceiling Crisis

The problem with dangling modifiers is they don't make any damn sense.

Sins of Omission

It’s tax time and money talks. Even if you’re a liar.

The Tennessee Three

Southern lawmakers trigger national roll call for gun violence in America.

The King's Men

There are 195 countries but even more rulers being charged and doing time for corruption.

All That's Good

Peace isn't an abstract goal. It's a day to day journey by which we arrive at a goal.

The Unconscious Bias

“Perhaps she’d be less dangerous if she was happy?"

Razing Morale on Capitol Hill

U.S. Congressman Barney Frank paced himself through 32 years on Capitol Hill masterfully charting a new world. Editor-in-Chief DREW GOWING sits down with the political icon in Washington DC.

The Thanksgiving Proclamation

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." Abraham Lincoln

Denmark's Wind Revolution

The U.S. seems to be copying Denmark’s clean energy strategy, but shouldn't they see the palace secrets first?

A Man For All Seasons

Pope Benedict XVI to lie in state; a holy whistleblower of the Vatican City state.

Ready For Rishi?

The last four 'to the manor born' prime ministers were shown the door. Can Rishi Sunak’s Hindu mojo & financial savvy turn the UK’s fragile economy into a Conservative win?

Lula's Prison Notebooks

Lula da Silva released from prison to serve third term as President of Brazil.

The Impostor Syndrome

Chameleons at best only blend surreptitiously into their enviornments.

The Thucydides Trap

President’s Xi and Putin may be the new “it” couple in the East but is the enemy of your enemy really a friend?

Madame Formosa

Her face launched 1000 ships when she woke the Sleeping Dragon.

Dynasty 2.0

Ferdinand Marcos Jr reclaims the Philippines in the esprit de corps of dynasty.

We Are

Ketanji Brown Jackson sworn in as first Black woman on U.S. Supreme Court

Russo-Ukranian Playbook

The Russia-Ukraine Crisis is playing out in lock step with World War II.

America United

Joe Biden fosters unity in an inauguration address singularly focused on America United.

Capitol Seige & Coup

Congress certifies Joe Biden and Donald Trump concedes following a historic coup at the U.S. Capitol.

Why We Say "I do."

Jimmy, Rosalynn Carter celebrate 75 years of ‘full partnership’ this week with a word of advice to those who’re daring to say ‘I do.”

The Platinum Queen

Queen Elizabeth logged 70 years on the throne with a reign and warning for the Information Age.

The Year of the Lord

The son of God and Abraham. Some serve God, others man.

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Record's Corners

It’s an idyllic corner in a quintessential town where service was the key to an American city.

Presidential Faux Pas

There’s been 45 Presidential Inaugurations in U.S. history, and each comes with an interesting fact or faux pas. We look back on history for queues, and forward to #46 and his crusade to Save the Soul of America.
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All the World's a Stage

Make sense of the week's news. Charlatan reviews the world's show & message.

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