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Heather Ferguson

Heather Ferguson is an attorney, counselor at law, and judge in the State of Virginia and joined The Charlatan as a legal contributor in 2009.

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The Honorable Heather Ferguson

Heather Ferguson picked up a BA from UNC Chapel Hill before graduating from William and Mary Law School. The former Franklin County Assistant Prosecutor was appointed to a Judgeship in the State of Virginia in 2021 and presides over Roanoke’s 23rd District’s Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

Ferguson also serves on the Court Improvement Program Advisory Committee, teaching legal principles and foster care timelines to social workers and special advocates, and speaks to community groups about foster care, child protective services.

Heather Ferguson resides with her husband and son in the Roanoke Valley, and is proud to have pioneered and penned "Lady Justice: Discovering the spirit of America in her laws.

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Articles by Heather Ferguson

Marriage Equity

Edith Windsor took on the United States for slapping her with an estate tax when her spouse died! The Honorable Judge HEATHER FERGUSON examines why the Supreme Court decided to cowtow to Marriage Equality.

The American Dream

Success is the national ethos of the United States. The Honorable Judge HEATHER FERGUSON says our founding fathers would be confounded by economic properity at the expense of social equality.

Accidental Republic

America was never intended to be a democracy. The Honorable Judge HEATHER FERGUSON examines the republic we were always meant to be.

Common Sense

Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" ignited the Revolutionary War. The Honorable Judge HEATHER FERGUSON explores whether it can save us from avarice and ambition?

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