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Michelle Shail

Michelle Shail has been a collaborator, featurist, columnist & chum to Charlatan Magazine since 2008.

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Michelle Shail

Michelle Shail was raised in the Commonwealth of Virginia where historic landmarks like Charlottesville, Jamestown, and Colonial Williamsburg are living history museums to the American Revolution.

A natural student of human behavior, Shail studied psychology at Appalachian State and deftly applied that acumen to business. During the Tech Boom of the 1990’s, she worked as a Modis IT recruiter connecting human capital to business growth for Fortune 1000 companies.

Three children later, she returned to graduate school to earn a Masters in Organization Development from Queens University, and today is a Talent Manager at TIAA: the leading retirement provider of financial services for the academic, research, medical, cultural and governmental industries.

With a continuing passion for the study of human behavior, Michelle Shail joined Charlatan Magazine in 2008 to further that journey. Whether interviewing Kurdistan’s Agricultural Minister or the founder of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Michelle Shail has and continues to write compelling features of the prolific influencers of our time.

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Michelle Shail

Features, Articles & Essays Alighting the World in Major Ways

Home To Vote

U.S. Supreme Court overturns abortion. Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL recalls how a family vacay coincided with a political exodus to Ireland, and the collision of church and state with a woman's right to choose.

Puttin' on the Ritz

César Ritz was the "King of Hoteliers, Hotelier of Kings." Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL chats with the Ritz-Carlton's Hotel Comapny's founder about the new era of hospitality.

In the Eye of the Storm

He was the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church. Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL investigates his alliance with The Center for American Progress.

The Kurdish Haggle

It is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world—but where’s the beef? Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL chats with the Agriculture Minister of Kurdistan's Regional Government who explains why sustainability is the keystone of sovereignty.

Marriage Equality

The U.S. Supreme Court declares Same-Sex Marriage the new law of the land. Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL examines how Obergefell v. Hodges collided to create the new American family.

The Feminine Mystique

Christianity and Islam once co-mingled in Constantinople. Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL explores Turkey's romanticism, myths and repercussions on sexism culture.

The Thucydides Trap

A clear example of the U.S-China relationship may be the Thucydides Trap. Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL explains how a rising power displaces a ruling nation.

A Place to Call Home

In the wake of California’s Proposition 8, Contributor MICHELLE SHAIL encounters the ostensibly different outcasts and dissidents of society and discovers the importance of a path to renewal for she and her children.

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